Vendors apply here for Junk Refunk Street Market

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Want  to ask a few questions?


It might be Summer but what about the weather?

This is an outdoor event, here in Oregon you can never be sure of the weather, just be prepared either way, you will be too busy having a wonderful time to worry about the weather.


I am worried about parking.

There is plenty of parking in Downtown Canby, however, you may have to walk a block or two as this market gets very busy. Otherwise try to come early.


What about wheelchair access?

We have the Canby Boy Scouts helping in teams throughout the day, if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to ask them or a staff member.


What if I want to pay with credit or debit card?

Some vendors do accept credit cards, but be prepared ahead of time to pay with check or cash, for those vendors who do not. ATM are available at the local banks downtown.

Some vendors do accept credit cards, but be prepared to pay with cash or check, as many do not. There are several ATM machines on site.


What if I want to ship my purchase?

This will be arranged between you and the vendor.

We do know U-Ship are a good contact to use.


I want to take pictures for inspiration.

Please ask first as it is up to the vendors themselves.

or who you wish to take a picture of, please.


Do vendors restock during the event?

Yes, they do, and frequently.However, there is not guarantee that what they have one day they will the others.


I am gluten free will there be something for me?

We have some food vendors with gluten-free options. However, we also have picnic tables for those that would rather bring their own.