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Want  to ask a few questions?


It might be Summer but what about the weather?

This is an outdoor event, here in Oregon you can never be sure of the weather, just be prepared either way, you will be too busy having a wonderful time to worry about the weather.


I am worried about parking.

There is plenty of parking around both locations. 


What about wheelchair access?

In Reedsport- the Market is on a well paved street that should allow easy maneuverability. 


At Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, the terrain is gravel and grass.


What if I want to pay with credit or debit card?

Some vendors do accept credit cards, but be prepared ahead of time to pay with check or cash, for those vendors who do not. ATM are available at the local banks downtown.

Some vendors do accept credit cards, but be prepared to pay with cash, as some may not. 


I want to take pictures for inspiration.

Please ask first!! It is up to the vendors themselves if they allow this. Their booths are full of their works of art -- and Art is protected as proprietary in the State of Oregon.


Do vendors restock during the event?

Yes, they do, and frequently. However, there is not guarantee that what they have one day, they will have at the others.  If you see an item you love, it may not be there when you get back.


I am gluten free will there be something for me?

We have some food vendors with gluten-free options. However, we also have picnic tables for those that would rather bring their own.


Are Polite Dogs allowed on leashes? 

Unfortunately, we have experienced some ill-behaved doggos and have to say no. Please make arrangement for your furbabies. Of course, Trained Service dogs are always welcome. 

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