Vendors apply here for Junk Refunk Street Market

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Application for Red Mitten Christmas Bazaar and Autumn LeavesFall Bazaar

Thank you for your interest in the Red Mitten Christmas Bazaar and Autumn Leaves Fall Bazaar.  In order to ensure the highest quality wares for our customers, we request that you provide us with photos of your work before providing our registration information. 

By submitting this application- you are not automatically accepted.  


Through this process we are able to determine if your items are a good fit for our show as well as make sure that we are not too heavy in one area of like merchandise.  We limit the number of vendors of the same type of craft in order to provide a variety to our customers, without looking like that area is all we have.  So thank you for your understanding!  We also do not accept new vendors until our previous vendors have had an opportunity to register. 

But here is a little information about us!


We have TWO 8-day shows at the Warner Grange Hall at the north end of Canby. Our Fall 2018 dates are Sept 27- Oct 7th and Christmas dates are Nov 29-Dec 9th. Everything is locally handmade or vintage (30+ Years old) so there is no competing with overseas wares.   Our Christmas show is kicked off with a preview night on Wednesday, Nov 28th, where we serve fresh baked goodies and give our customers a first opportunity to shop the bazaar.  We collect a $3 admission fee that will be divided between two local charities that we support.


Our show is boutique-style- Set up like a store and everything runs through a central check out.  There is not vendor manned booths providing a relaxed atmosphere for our guests, and the ability for you to be in multiple shows as you are not locked into being on-site.


We advertise in 15 area papers in 4 counties, multiple online ads, craigslist and Facebook.  Feel free to peruse our Facebook page to see books and crafts from registered vendors:


We also have 80 signs that we put up all over! And these have proven to be very successful for helping attendance.


We look forward to seeing your handcrafted wares!